I Chose Me

Recently, I made the decision to end a childhood friendship. Initially, and naturally, I hesitated. But today, I feel empowered. Today, I feel strong.

Our friendship was intense. He was, at one point, my rock. However, our relationship slowly but steadily became less reliable as we grew older. After many years, I ultimately found that I was not a friend, but merely, an object.

The real problem here, is that I kept allowing this type of behavior to continue. He would call, and I would come running.

“What you allow is what will continue.”

He has made several attempts to contact me, and immediately, I would panic. (This is not a normal response when a “friend” reaches out to you.)

Finally, I chose to cut him loose. This type of “friendship” does not put my mind at ease. It does not make me happy to hear from him. And with these realizations, I chose me, first.

Growth is incredibly difficult, yet unbelievably gratifying. It is painful to let go of someone you once cared for, yes, but I urge you to take a step back. Ask yourself the questions you’ve always been afraid to ask.

You do not need to keep anyone or anything that keeps you from feeling your absolute best.

Today, I feel empowered. Today, I feel strong. These feelings of freedom and liberation all came from simply cutting out the negativity.


Cheers to growth!
For you, and for me.

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