How to Survive Seattle Winters

As the seasons are changing, I’m reminded of my first winter in Seattle.

Transitioning from sunny Southern California to rainy Seattle was a bit of a culture shock. However, I was determined to prove to myself that coming here was the right move. Rain or shine, I was going to thrive in my new environment.

Here, I have provided some products that helped me. I know they can help you, too!

Surviving Winter While Indoors:

Until you’re brave enough to brace the cold, you may be indoors for awhile.

Sun Lamp

An absolute necessity, since the sun rarely makes an appearance. This gem was recommended to me from a few different co-workers.

This lamp simulates the sun’s natural light, provides some vitamin D, and even boosts your mood.

I put this in the corner, and set up a reading nook. Even as I write this, I can feel the warmth on my face. It truly feels like you’re soaking up the sun. #ILoveLamp

Kindle Fire

The constant downpour and dreary weather had me feeling a little down. I knew no one, so I re-Kindle-d (pun intended), my love for reading and sat underneath my sun lamp.

You have the option to purchase books from the Kindle store, or download a library app and check out ebooks. They download straight to the Kindle, so you are never without a book!

The Kindle Fire can also function as a tablet, which is an added bonus.

Fuzzy Slippers

My house is entirely hardwood flooring. And I will have you know that hardwood floors do not provide any insulation whatsoever!

These slippers saved my toes from freezing off. I loved the feel of faux fur on my bare feet, and found extra comfort when I also wore these with thick socks.


An obvious one 😉 I brought this bad boy into every room with me. If you haven’t guessed by now, I don’t like being cold. This magical device allowed me to keep California temperatures in my Seattle home.

Surviving Winter While Outdoors:

Remember to layer up! It’s cold out there.


Ella, ella, ella, aye! (Thank you, Rihanna!)

I learned very quickly that an umbrella is crucial to surviving Seattle winters. In Seattle, it rains an estimated 150 days per year. Yikes!

To compare, let me tell you that super sunny California gets a whopping 36 days of rain per year.

So believe me when I tell you with no exaggeration that this was a huge culture shock to me. During my drive from California to Seattle, I caught my first glimpse of the non-forgiving rain. It just kept falling!

Rain in California is brisk, and light. Rain in Seattle is brutal. It takes breaks for no man (or woman). Seriously. An umbrella is essential.

Winter Coat

I moved out here with one single coat. Yes, you read correctly.

My Northface, which I love dearly, was simply no match for the weather. So I upgraded to this beauty on the left, and am absolutely thrilled.

I chose a longer length, to help shield my unsuspecting legs from the drizzle and provide extra warmth. In addition to my thermals that I wore underneath, my legs remained dry and unphased.

I love, Love, LOVE the faux fur hood, (which detaches), because it helps keep my ears warm. And if for whatever reason I’ve forgotten my trusty umbrella, I have the hood to protect my head from the rain.

Trust me, it’s always raining.


Rain/Snow Boots

I brought with me my Beach Feet boots, which I whole-heartedly believed would keep my feet warm and dry through the day. I’ll tell you right now that was I wrong.

I came to this realization when I had gotten out of the car, was standing in the parking lot, and wondered why my feet felt wet. The reason my feet felt wet because they were wet. The soles of my boots were completely worn out! I remember thinking, “Oh, for crying out loud! This rain is attacking me from all angles!”

It’s a bit funny to think about now, but at the time, I was quite frustrated.

So I purchased my very first ever rain/snow boots. I fell in love with these boots because they served their purpose, and kept my feet dry. The length is perfect, as it also protects my legs from the rain. The rubber design keeps them waterproof, which, I obviously care deeply about.


My first winter here was emotionally difficult, but these simple things helped me through it. I knew if I persisted, I could make the best of my new habitat. I’m predicting this winter will be a breeze 😉

How do YOU survive winter?
I’d love to know! Comment below!


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