How to Get Paid to go Shopping

Everyone wants more money, that’s a given. The myth is that in order to make more money, you need to work more. Eg: Longer hours at work, or picking up a second or third job. Which, of course, is highly admirable! But, I’ve been there, done that. All it did was make me exhausted!

I searched for ways to make money while maintaining a somewhat regular schedule, and continue my search whenever the mood strikes me. During my ongoing search, I have found a few ways to cash in from my everyday shopping 😀

As always, I have personally done the research on each of the apps listed below, and fully believe in each and every one of them. So as soon as you decide that you want to start getting cash back for purchases you intended on making anyway, you can immediately start getting paid. Enjoy!


How to Get Paid to go Shopping


IbottaI literally promote Ibotta to anyone and everyone. This laptop that I’m writing on? I paid for it with my Ibotta earnings!

There are two ways to earn cash back. Your first option, is to physically go to the store and purchase featured items.

Ibotta displays recommended retailers, (you know, places you shop at anyway), and provides products that are available for cash back. If you’re not loyal to a particular brand, this is an excellent way to test new products. Occasionally I find a brand that tickles my fancy, although it’s not always guaranteed.

I find that this also doubles as a shopping list. I simply add the offers I wish to cash in on, and voila! I access my offers, and everything I’ve selected is laid out neatly for me. Thanks, Ibotta!

Very minimal effort is required to redeem your rewards. All you do is take a picture of the receipt. Every once in a blue moon it will prompt you to scan the bar code. Really though, it takes no time at all.

Your second option is to remain in the comfort of your home and shop online. (Hell yesss!)

This is the option that really excites me. While I do enjoy getting out in the world and taking in new views, the online deals are where it’s at.

Want to get cash back from shopping at
Ibotta does that.

Want to get cash back for going to a concert?
Ibotta does that.

Want to get cash back for going on vacation?
Yep. Ibotta does that, too.

Just make sure you visit these online retailers through the Ibotta app to get your cash back 😉

Online rewards take a little longer to redeem, and by longer, I mean 7 or so days. Each offer depends on the retailer that you made your purchase from. But who cares? You’ll still be getting money back!

Join my team and start with $5!




Dosh is essentially the same as Ibotta. Similarly, there are two ways to earn money back: in-store, and online.

After you have linked your card, or cards, you can start earning money. It’s automatic!

When I first began using Dosh, I experienced a slight hiccup, and immediately contacted their support department. In order to prevent you from experiencing the same issue, let me share some advice:

Dosh is linked with the major credit card companies. Remember that when you’re making a purchase in the store, you will need to run your card as credit in order to receive your cash back.

I learned this the hard way, so I hope this helps you to avoid the same issue I ran into 😉

For in-store cash back opportunities, Dosh will show offers based on your location. It’s really quite convenient. It shows me how far I’ll have to travel to redeem my reward. However, I only allow Dosh to have access to my location while using the app, because honestly, I can’t think of a reason why they should have access to my location at all times anyway.

And now let me tell you my favorite part about Dosh:

Dosh offers cash back at restaurants!!! As someone who frequently goes out to dinner, these offers are fantastic!

Again, because the app uses your location, available restaurants will vary, but I’m looking at an offer for Pizza Hut right now, and I know y’all have a Pizza Hut somewhere in your general vicinity.

Join me on Dosh and start with $5!




Spent is the newest addition in my cash back app family, so I am still learning how to maximize my cash back rewards available to me. For the time being, I am able to provide a basic description for how Spent works. As I continue to learn, I can update my post for both you, and myself!

So, just like Ibotta and Dosh, Spent has cash back offers for both in-store and online purchases. (Seeing a trend here yet?)

Again, you will need to link your card(s) to start earning cash back. Available categories to earn cash back include: groceries, eating out, travel, entertainment, fuel, and clothing.

You may be thinking, “Why, Ashley, do I need three different apps if they all essentially do the same thing?” To that, I’ll ask you some questions as well:

Do you ride with Uber or Lyft?
Spent gives you cash back if you do.

Do you put gas in your car?
Spent gives you cash back for that, too.

Do you have a Netflix account?
Hahaha, of course you do! Spent gives you cash back for your monthly subscription!

These cash back offers alone are what prompted me to join Spent. I am currently earning cash back from Netflix and iTunes. How freaking cool is that?!

I have noticed that the online purchases do seem to take a bit longer to redeem, but as I said earlier: Who cares?! You’re still getting cash back, so be patient, and it will come to you.

At the moment, Spent does not offer a referral program, but I see that it’s in the works. So while I’m unable to provide you with a cash incentive to join, I am able to provide the link for you 😉

Join Spent! 

Additionally, I have spoken to the support department for each of the apps, (I have questions, you know?) and was pleasantly satisfied with the responses I received. Each one of them responded to my request in a timely manner, and efficiently resolved my issue.

I enjoy using all three apps, as it greatly expands my options to earn cash back.  Each app displays unique offers at particular retailers. While Ibotta promotes specific products to purchase, both Dosh and Spent allow you to earn cash back on any purchase you make, so long as you’re at the recommended retailer, of course.

See? Options! I love it!!!

At the same time, I have seen a few repeat offers that are available within all three apps. Make sure to compare rewards before you commit to one specific app. This is essential in order to maximize your cash back earning potential.

What apps do you use to earn cash back?
I’d love to know! Comment below!





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